Welcome To Sad (Save A Dog) Rescue

S.A.D Rescue is a 501c3, no kill dog rescue and welfare organization serving Washington County and surrounding counties in Missouri. We operate through a foster network and work with local shelters that utilize euthanasia as well as take in stray and abandoned animals. As an organization, we strongly oppose puppy mills and breeding programs and emphasize education and a vigorous spay/neuter program in order to reduce problems of over population.

S.A.D Rescue was founded in 2012 and officially opened in January 2013. The Rescue that helped give birth to SAD Rescue was ACT Now Rescue. We are proud to say that ACT Now Rescue is one of the best rescues around and we will continue to work alongside them to save as many dogs as we possibly can.

We at SAD Rescue are a small rescue with big dreams. Not just a dream of saving dogs but a dream that goes beyond that. Our dream for SAD rescue isn't just to build another dog shelter; it is to build and state of the art dog sanctuary, and training facility, to not only help dogs find new forever homes, but also to train the dogs with the capability of becoming so much more than just a pet. Most dogs that come into rescue are given up because they are too crazy and have too much of a play drive. We want to take those dogs and rehabilitate and train them to have a job as a service dog, for wounded veterans and possibly other disabled people. We also want to use the training facility to educate children on the animal of dog about their history and what dogs have and can do for mankind.

We can take dogs in and save them and rehome them all day long but if we can change and educate people on the importance of being a good pet owner we save much more than just one dog, we save many dogs. We at SAD Rescue are just handful of people that want to make a difference in our county for the dogs and for the people. Yes our dream is big but with more supporters and getting people involved we can make this dream become a reality.

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August 31, 2015, 4:42 pm