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S.A.D is a small 501c3 rescue that is dedicated in helping dogs in need of rescue. We are looking for many volunteers to foster and give our dogs temporary homes until they find their forever homes. Please come join us in the fight to help our four legged friends.


Welcome to S.A.D. Rescue
A Rescue for dogs in need of homes.

S.A.D Rescue is a sanctuary, and a safe haven for dogs in need.  We work on the kindness of volunteer’s willing to foster an animal until it finds its' forever home.  We are always looking for volunteers to foster dogs of many sizes.  The more foster homes we can find the more dogs we can rescue.  If you would love to help out in any way please get in contact with us.
We are a rescue group that does not only adopt out locally but to anyone willing to give a dog a great home, we will figure out a way to get them too you.  Most of our dogs are adopted out to the New England states, for which we have affordable transportation available.  All of our dogs will be fully vetted at the time of adoption.  Please take the time to see what dogs we have available.
Our mission is to provide these special deserving souls with a loving second, or first chance at enjoying a full quality life, that they deserve. is a no kill sanctuary operated 100% by your donations.
Click on "Adoption" to see current listing of available dogs seeking new companions.
Alpha Dog Transport
Alpha Dog Transport
With the help of Jeff and Kevin at Alpha Dog Transprt we can get your new babies home safe if you are adopting from the New Enagland erea. We here, at S.A.D Rescue wouldn't trust our babies with just anyone.
Our Featured Resident

Meet Oscar, he is a 3 year old male, German Shepherd mix. Oscar came from CA.  He was on the euthanasia list deemed aggressive. A lady that is with my rescue by the name of Tammy, who LOVES Shepherds, fell in love with Oscar because of his face and his look. Yes he is very cute.  She paid for him to be pulled by a rescue in CA then sent to a personal trainer.  This guy kept Oscar for 2 months and charged her over $2,000 in training.  Then one day he told her that he needed to go and she only had a week to get him out or he was going to take him back to the pound.  Well a week wasn't long enough to find a transport to get him.  She called me and asked if I knew anyone that would transport him.  I gave her a friend of mines number that was with another rescue, who is just as passionate as her that would personally go get him. The transport ended up costing her $1500.  I agreed to take him into SAD Rescue and personally train and work with him.  I'm not a trainer but I have worked with many dogs from abused dogs, feral dogs, to Pitts that where trained to fight, I have never failed at correcting the problem.  I did tell her unlike most rescues I will not adopt out a dog that was aggressive and I'm not opposed to putting one down because of it, but I told her I will try and see what he is like once he got here.  I will say he was very intimidating when he came, but that was very understandable given the long trip from CA.  I made him my first priority; I earned his trust and worked day and night with him.  The first week was the worse.  I sat in the middle of the floor not making eye contact and claiming his food bowl, only allowing him to eat with my hand in the bowl and only when he was submissive.  I then walked him 2 miles every day on a very strict walk.  Oscar is not the same dog that came to me, back in July.

 Oscar is very sweet, Loves me and my family.  It will be sad to see him go, he is one that I will cry over and I only want him to go to the best home ever.  Oscar can sit, lay down, and roll over on command.  To me I never saw aggregation because if he wanted to hurt you trust me he could.  He is dominating and intimidating, he wants to be the pack leader, and this is why it is important that he has an owner who will give him rules boundaries and limitations before affection.  I don't know the family that had him before he went to the pound in CA, but my guess is that they fell in love with that cute fuzzy puppy with the floppy ear.  They let him get away with mouthing and when he was small it was cute.  They were not the pack leader and when he got big they more than likely tied him up outside only feeding him but nothing else.  He never learned to be a dog and had to be a pack leader to take care of himself.

 Today Oscar is calm submissive and obedient.  He listens to me and my family very well.  I own 7 dogs and I have a fee feeding bowl that I keep filled that all the dogs eat out of.  He waits his turn to eat and he doesn’t fight with the dogs over the bowl.  I even own a 4 lbs Chi that he plays with and he gets down low to the Chi's level to play with him.  I also use a remote training collar for him that works very well.  He is VERY smart, so smart that it’s kind of freaky.  I haven't had to use the collar to shock or vibrate him in any way, for over 3 weeks.  He knows when he’s wearing it and all I need to do is pick up the remote and he stops whatever bad behavior and rolls over or hides.   It has worked wonders on him.  Take off the collar and well lets just say he will challenge you on what he can get away with.  He loves to go bye bye and to be #1 in his owner’s life.  I'm sure he will challenge you on what you will let him get away with.  If you’re a pack leader and the type that controls the situation he will be just fine.

 If you’re interested in him I would bring him up to your house and personally spend time with you and him.  It might even be best to do a couple of visits to transition him to you.  I know it seems like work but trust me when I say, he is an awesome dog.  Loves to play catch and will protect you from anyone.  I don't have to walk him every day now. In fact he has because lazy and when we do walk him he don't want to go LOL.  Just let me know if this is something you might want to try.  I don’t want him to go to just anyone, I personally don't care if I find I home for him that's how much I love him.  He makes me laugh every day.  He is so human like in his personality and out of all the dogs I have handled he is the smartest I have ever encountered.


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