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S.A.D is a small 501c3 rescue that is dedicated in helping dogs in need of rescue. We are looking for many volunteers to foster and give our dogs temporary homes until they find their forever homes. Please come join us in the fight to help our four legged friends.


Welcome to S.A.D. Rescue
A Rescue for dogs in need of homes.

S.A.D Rescue is a sanctuary, and a safe haven for dogs in need.  We work on the kindness of volunteer’s willing to foster an animal until it finds its' forever home.  We are always looking for volunteers to foster dogs of many sizes.  The more foster homes we can find the more dogs we can rescue.  If you would love to help out in any way please get in contact with us.
We are a rescue group that does not only adopt out locally but to anyone willing to give a dog a great home, we will figure out a way to get them too you.  Most of our dogs are adopted out to the New England states, for which we have affordable transportation available.  All of our dogs will be fully vetted at the time of adoption.  Please take the time to see what dogs we have available.
Our mission is to provide these special deserving souls with a loving second, or first chance at enjoying a full quality life, that they deserve. is a no kill sanctuary operated 100% by your donations.
Click on "Adoption" to see current listing of available dogs seeking new companions.
Alpha Dog Transport
Alpha Dog Transport
With the help of Jeff and Kevin at Alpha Dog Transprt we can get your new babies home safe if you are adopting from the New Enagland erea. We here, at S.A.D Rescue wouldn't trust our babies with just anyone.
Our Featured Resident

Meet Oscar, he is a 3 year old German Shepherd mix.  He is a fun loving guy who has some quarks.  He likes to be the center of your world and at times likes to try and be the pack leader; this is why he needs an experienced handler.  He is very smart and most of the time he is to smart.  He loves to play, but he has a tendency to play to rough, so it’s best he goes to a home with no small children.  He plays well with other dogs, but he needs to be with a dog that can hold its own when it comes to Oscar.  He would like to chase the cats but he is learning that is not cool.  Oscar is a funny dog but will need to be walked daily and have rules, boundaries and limitations.   He is the kind of dog if you give him an inch he will take a mile.  I know it sounds like he is a handful but if you’re the kind of owner who is the pack leader, Oscar will do just fine.  He wants a place to call home and to be loved and a big part of someone’s life.   Could you be that someone Oscar is looking for?


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